Welcome to the Civic Club of Shippensburg

Today’s Civic Club retains its original objectives since its establishment in 1911. The Club continues to strive to develop the educational and civic interests of its members and to advance the welfare of the Shippensburg community. The Club has approximately 60 members. Many of them are very active in the various Committees of the Club.

These Committees include: Affordable Housing/Outreach, Community Nurse, Court House, Education, Finance, Garden, Hospitality, Membership, Newsletter, Program, Public Relations, Ways & Means, and Yearbook.

There are six meetings of the Club held during the year. Anyone is welcome to attend our meetings which are held at Shippensburg’s historic Court House located at the corner of East King and South Queen Streets.

Most regular meetings are scheduled for 1:30 PM on the 3rd Wednesday during the months of May, October and November. Luncheon meetings include a Fall Luncheon in September, a Christmas Luncheon in December and a Prayer Breakfast held on the Monday before Easter. The luncheons require a charge and registration by calling ahead to 717-530-7900 leaving your name and a phone number where you can be reached. Meetings and dates will be posted on the Chamber of Commerce’s “Upcoming Events” calendar.

With a zest of adventure and a heart of service, our members have proven over the years they can do whatever they set their minds to do! We’d be happy to have you join us to learn more about the Civic Club of Shippensburg.

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